Initial Parent(s) Consultation: $250 per consultation
Medicare rebates may apply.

This consultation is an opportunity for you to share your concerns, and to learn about play therapy and how it might assist your child. An assessment of your child's developmental history will be completed, and you will be provided with information regarding Play Therapy, the benefits and risks, consent, confidentiality and privacy procedures, and practical considerations for your child when attending sessions. You will also be able to familiarise yourself with the clinic and play therapy room as well. This session usually takes 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. If play therapy is assessed as suitable for the child, a regular session time is allocated.

Child Play Therapy Sessions: $130 per session
Medicare rebates may apply.

In Child Centered Play Therapy, a relationship develops between the child and the therapist, where the therapist enters the child's world, following the child's lead, to develop a safe place and a relationship of trust, empathy and acceptance. Within this context, children are then free to express feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviours through play. Toys are used like words and become the child's natural language. Children are encouraged to make choices, to explore possibilities and to develop resilience and self actualisation within the therapeutic setting, and to generalise gains to other environments such as home and school.

Sessions usually run for 45 minute sessions, though may be shorter depending on the developmental needs of the child, particularly for younger children (under 4 years). Sessions occur in a specially designed playroom, with a range of toys selected for therapeutic value and capacity to promote expression. Sessions are scheduled at the same time and day each week to promote stability and security for your child.

Parent:Child Relationship Therapy Sessions: $130 per hour
Medicare rebates may apply.

Parent:Child Relationship Therapy, otherwise known as Filial Therapy, is a form of play therapy where parents are trained in therapeutic skills to provide special play time sessions with their children. In this way the parent becomes the "therapist", and becomes skilled at working with their children to understand their feelings and emotions, to respond and communicate effectively, to set appropriate limits, and to strengthen their parent:child bond.

Parent Consultation Sessions: $130 per hour
Medicare rebates may apply.

Regular parent sessions provide a valuable opportunity for sharing insights, developing strategies and ensuring that families are supported throughout the process. Much can be done by parents to ensure that positive change is consolidated in the home and beyond. Parent sessions occur separately from child therapy sessions, usually every 4-6 weeks, and may be completed in person or by phone or email.

Other Considerations.

Payment is required on the day of service unless otherwise negotiated and a tax invoice will be given to you on receipt of payment. Please understand that due to the demand for session times, 24 hours notice is required if a consultation or therapy session is cancelled, and the full fee may be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Consultation visits and meetings with schools, kindergartens, childcare centres etc are negotiable, with consideration given to travel time and costs.

Reports can be provided, however costs for reports outlining treatment plan, suggested interventions and/or progress will vary depending on length and purpose.